Further details for 30th Sept retune

It was confirmed earlier this month where channels will be moving to when the national retune takes place on the 30th September, but some channels were absent from the announcement – the Top Up TV download channels.

It’s been confirmed Top Up TV Anytime 1-4 will be moving from channel 38-41 to channel 307-310. Read the official retune briefing from Digital UK.

It’s also now been confirmed any HD channels when they launch on Freeview will appear from channel 50 upwards.

Top Up TV Anytime 4 appears

The fourth Top Up TV Anytime “channel” has appeared on channel 41. This channel will be used in the same way as the other three Top Up TV Anytime download “channels”. Top Up TV Anytime 1-4 are used to download video content to Anytime set top boxes. Top Up TV Anytime is currently just testing, but it’s thought this fourth stream will run from 4am to 6am, in Film4’s off-air time.