Trouble removed – replaced with LIVING +2

Trouble has closed down on all TV platforms. Virgin Media Television have decided to remove the channel and replace it with a new LIVING channel which is expected to launch later this year. In the interim, LIVING +2 (a two-hour timeshift of the main LIVING channel) takes the space on Virgin Media channel 159, next to LIVING 2 +1 which can be found on channel 160.

Trouble to end 1st April

It has been confirmed on Broadcast Now’s website that Virgin Media-owned Trouble will close down on all platforms on the 1st April.

It will be replaced with a new LIVING channel later this year, which will give them three channels in the brand as well as the timeshift versions.

Trouble will be replaced with LIVING +2 in the interim (a two-hour timeshift version of the main LIVING channel) until the new LIVING channel launches.

In the Broadcast Now article, Virgin Media Television managing director Jonathan Webb says their “strategy this year is to consolidate our portfolio”.

LIVING 2 will also be overhauled later this year.