Hallmark Channel has rebranded as Universal Channel

The Hallmark family of channels have rebranded as Universal Channel (Sky channel 130 and Virgin Media channel 162), Universal Channel +1 (Sky channel 150 and Virgin Media channel 163) and Universal Channel HD (Sky channel 220) respectively. Programming remains largely unchanged.

Universal Channel

Hallmark may become Universal Channel

According to Broadcast Now, NBC Universal have decided to ditch the Hallmark brand in the UK and will rename the Hallmark channel to Universal Channel.

Broadcast Now say “Internal memos seen by Broadcast outline the plans, which could be announced between 13 July and 17 August, ahead of the channel launching in the UK in October. Universal Channel currently airs in parts of Europe, Latin America and South East Asia”.

Universal Channel logo
Universal Channel logo

However, a quote on Broadcast Now’s website from an NBC spokesperson says “No decisions have been made with regard to rebranding NBCU channels. We are exploring various options and will make a decision in conjunction with our partners. No announcement is planned at this time”.